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Let's Make BEAUTY Together



 Our products, from stone to packaging are all natural, ensuring that our designs will always be relevant and timeless just like nature. Our philosophy is simple, ‘Let’s make BEAUTY together’. 

Hold Firm



Is a premium hair styling clay designed to simplify your daily grooming routine; it is an 

organic product made predominately for men to hold the shape, and style hair; this styling clay is infused with rich oils for a perfect hold without the stickiness. 

~ Aleksander Rimando (Junior)

3D Printed



Tyler Freeman & Jacob Hernandez (Seniors)
We are avid baseball players who started playing in little league, and we hated having to reshape our baseball gloves before every game, and if you have ever played baseball, then you know the task, and so we created the affordable & portable 3D printed GLOVE SAC. 

Vegan Deliciousness



If you ever go to any Wholefoods or Trader Joe’s, I challenge you try a vegan cookie; what you taste will be sawdust with chocolate on top. Our cookies are moist, tasty and will stay 

fresh for longer, but we know that after one bite, none will be left to share. 

*Care about animals & the environment 

~ Samantha Bernal (Senior)

Metallic Glow Streetwear



Premium Athletic streetwear that infuse the excitement of sports into the gritty subculture of the street. My 1st line for products includes a basic Tee and bag. All products are made and printed in Mexico. 

~ Esteban Moctezuma (Senior)

Luxury Men's Shaving Butter - VIDEO



Has all-natural ingredients from Africa and the Pacific originally designed for men who suffer from razor that the product also works well as a body lotion, and 


Islands; this all-in-one product was burn; however, sales and testing revealed even as a soothing tool to combat psoriasis. ~ John Torres (Senior)

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UniScent is a Luxury Personal Care company. The company creates natural or organic products like soaps, lotions. body butter, lip balm and Spa products for men and women. So,Come With US!



ASF is a value centered company focused on fashion and merchandising.

Our 1st design pays respect to women worldwide, and though we are men, we are well aware that women worldwide are not always heard, we choose to STRENGTHEN their voice; and we choose to represent the 'WOMAN', with one heartbeat.

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Zack&Dan's Detailing


Call for an Appointment. 626-465-6529

    We are a mobile operator car detailing service. We primarily focus on using only eco- friendly, and waterless carwash products, that do not harm the environment. We do not lug around big bulky machinery, in fact our pressure washer and hot water extractor weighs less than 10lbs. We are professional, efficient and always on-time. 

SOLUM TECH ~ 2017' Entrepreneur Innovation Winner

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